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I have a 486 DX2 66 with a HSF that appears to be glued or epoxied on. There is no give so I suspect it's not thermal adhesive tape.

The fan works and I'm tempted to leave it, but if I recall a 486DX2 could run without a cooler (and well, I think that makes it look neater) so I'm tempted to try and remove it. Its a ceramic package so it likely would not get damaged but I'm wondering if the writing and logo are pretty much already fubar and I'm better off to buy a naked DX2-66 instead?

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Thing about retro hardware is if you can keep it cooler than spec, keep it cooler. You could probably pry it off by putting the CPU in a few antistatic bags in your freezer for 1 hour, then prying it off with a screwdriver if keen though. However, sounds like it's happy left as is.

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I suggest not running a DX2-66 without any type of cooling, it works but it will get extremely hot. It even gets quite toasty when using a small heatsink with no fan.

If the current heatsink + fan works I would leave it, you can just replace the fan when it fails.

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Does the freezer trick actually work? I've tried this in the past, and it usually results in cracking the CPU.

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