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i stumbled across some cds my SCSI CD-ROM drive wont read....
I recently got an SCSI DVD-ROM drive, but this has problems too.

Some CDs wont be read at all, and some CDs are loaded but i cant read / see all files.

Using an USB BD-RW drive at the same PC under Win98 easily reads the discs completley.

Any suggestions?


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Old drives to develop problems reading various media, as the laser gets worn, or the lens gets dirty.

Lens cleaning solutions do exist, but I cannot testify whether they can solve the problem long-terms.

Are we talking about pressed or burnt CDs? If burnt, then there can be media compatibility issues (lower grade media, or media burnt at fast speeds, may not read well on old drives).

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Pots = Potentiometers. But if Windows can read the CD with the same drive then it's not a laser problem. Maybe an ISO9660/Joliet/UDF filesystem issue.

Are these CD-R/RWs that somebody made? Or commercial discs?