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I haven't seen anything like this in the hardware projects thread, but it's one of the hardware devices I really want most.
Has anybody been working on a "null" Bridgeboard for the Amiga? It would be just to connect the ISA slots to the zorro bus like a CBM bridgeboard, only it wouldn't have an XT system built-in. It would be just so one could stick an ISA card in the ISA slot of the Amiga... and use it.

Even better would be a socket on the null bridgeboard that would allow you to attach a ribbon cable and maybe an ISA backplane for more cards... things such as video, network, audio, gpio interface, SMB PC, etc.
This would probably work better with the A2000, as the case is much larger than other machines.

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Full length Amiga cards are huuuuuuge. I wonder how much it would cost to get those made.

Are there any drivers to use ISA cards on the Amiga? I remember hearing that you could use a network card through the bridge board but I don't know if the Amiga accesses it directly or if it requires software on the x86 CPU to pass data back and forth.

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