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I have a Electronicka MC-1502 it's basically a Soviet PC Jr Tandy copy. The PROM chip on the floppy drive controller has been damaged is there anyway to recover the code from the failed PROM the chip is a 82S126. If anyone has any experience with these machines or knows another solution please let me know. There were some replacement gerber designs posted on zx-pk.ru forums but they are no longer accessible. I rescued this and some other Soviet machines right before the tragedy in Ukraine started and would like to get this one up and running again fully.

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Clone makers sells controllers in Ukraine
Here adv. https://m.olx.ua/d/obyavlenie/kontroller-disk … 02-IDOqGs8.html
Write him for KP556PT4A firmware.

Need help? Begin with photo and model of your hardware 😉