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I was watching this video https://youtu.be/eenDjMXfVBQ?t=59 and Gates is talking with a support person about how Win 3 app will only crash the app and not the system. And they use an app called "BlowUp.exe"

Has anybody heard of it or have it?

Kind of reminds me of an early version of Sysinternals "NotMyFault".


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Hmm never heard of it before and wish the screen at 1:02 was more clear. Only OLD ref's to blowup.exe (dated 1988) are http://ftpmirror.your.org/pub/misc/dos/RbbsIn … P.ZIP-contents/
but that is not a Diag tool but screen capture....and some other newer video or excel or system tools......one interesting one is Seimens RMOS3 😁 but that is not what you want...

Hate posting a reply and then have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor.