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Hi all!

As the VOGONS community has been so helpful to me in the past, I thought I'd share this issue I'm having with this motherboard pictured. It's a nice Gateway 486 JX30G 09-00189 motherboard. It was working just fine a couple hours ago, then I took a break for lunch and I come back to this beep code and no more video! I'm very confused as to what changed from the 40 minutes I spent away from the motherboard, and I can't seem to pinpoint the problem. I looked up beep codes for the Phoenix A486 BIOS, but couldn't seem to match any codes with my beeps. I attached the beeps as an audio file here as well. I don't understand how the motherboard just stopped working, and as of now my system is dead. I even stuck a post card in there to see what it said, and it came back with "02 --". How can I fix this problem and restore my board?

Thank you all so much in advance for any help you can provide!


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Greetings, from a Gateway 2000 Enthusiast & Collector!

Current Wish List: 1. ANY Gateway 2000 Documentation, Disks, PCs, Portables, etc. from 1985-1991. 2. Micronics 386-16 Motherboard

If you have any of the above for sale, please PM me - Thank you!

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Probably bad caps, and being SMT that makes it harder to figure out which ones. Are you sure the PSU is also not failing ?
added: did the batteries die ? I see it uses an external battery and may not boot up if they are dead....

Hate posting a reply and then have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor.