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Hey all!

I was trying to get my old Compaq Prolinea on the right side of the minimum system requirements for the original Half-life. I've run into a snag with the CPU.

At first I was thinking I could drop in a K6 233, since the 1.5 multiplier is often mapped to 3.5 on later socket 7 procs. I picked up an old ANR and dropped it in but unfortunately the machine did not get past POST.

At first I thought it might be a bad proc. I haven't tried it in my super socket 7 yet. However, I found an old Power Leap page stating that their K6-2 offerings do not work in the Prolinea 5100 machines which sport the 486Y system ROM, and my machine has system ROM version 486Y1.

I guess what are my options for processor upgrades? I've heard that an MMX can work with a 3.3 core voltage but those have an extra pin. I could try to find a Power Leap MMX kit but those seem rare as hens teeth. I could try to track down an overdrive processor, people want stupid prices for those.

Anything I am not thinking of?