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Recently I found a Soyo SY-4SAW motherboard. The board has a old BIOS version (WA1 ). I've seen in this forum there are varios new versions. I tried to flashed a new one and I can't. I use the AWARD flash utility 8.29E. Is it ok? or I need some other version?

The mainboard has a jumper about BIOS ( I don't undestand very well the meaning). Anyway, I've tried the two options with negative results: No flash!!

Does anyone know How I should proceed? Thanks in advanced.

PD: I have a TL866A too. Can I burn the new one BIOS with it? What kind of chip is the BIOS, ( I need to know for choosing in the programmer software)?

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Hi Muon,

Just peel the Award sticker from the BIOS chip to check the markings. That should tell you if it is a flash chip that can be programmed in the board.
Award flash utility v8.xx is way too new! You need v7.xx for socket 7 and v5.xx for socket 5 and 486 boards.

Yes, you can always use your TL866A to make a backup from your present BIOS and program the BIOS chip with a new one. Of course if the BIOS chip is an UV-EPROM, it has to be erased by UV-light before you can re-program it. 😉

The JP2 jumper should be in the 2-3 position for normal operation. This will prevent an accidental flash of the BIOS when a flashchip is fitted. Only for a planned BIOS flash, this jumper should be set at 1-2 and returned to 2-3 after the flash.


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NB, when you remove the chip, the chip model may be on a silkscreen also under the socket itself. 😉

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I usually use uniflash - download it here https://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscella … /UniFlash.shtml . It's for "windows", but it works from DOS 6.22 perfectly.

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