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I’ve tried using arq crusher among many other programs, but can never get the PAK file to extract. Here’s the link: https://archive.org/details/hppavilionfirstai … dversion2.21996

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HP encrypted many of the restore cd's. The extractor is built into the restore.exe but relies on the oeminfo\oemutil.exe to validate that you are trying to restore a true HP bios branded pc that fits what the restore is for.
Compaq did similar on some of theirs too. Even if you find a 3rd party extractor: if you do not have the key/password to unlock/unencrypt (built into oeminfo/restore) the data will be scrambled.
That is why they have the BOOT.IMG, CDBOOT.IMG, etc on the cd so you make the floppy to boot and do a restore. If all you want is to install the OS there are better ways plus you be minus all that bloatware....
What are you trying to restore too ?

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