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Looking fot graphics driver for win7 64bit.
Looks like it could be GMA 3150.
But can't find the driver.
Where can I download it from?


(The motherboard is:
Intel desktop board D2500HN)

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I found a win7 x64 driver of dubious providence for this chip... but as it is dubious providence.. 🙁

The 'official' statement from intel is/was "no" for 64bit os on this gpu.

That said, you might try looking in dell, toshiba, and ibm/lenovo driver archives. Sometimes bespoke versions of the driver package for 'unsupported' oses got made for, and distributed by, such vendors.

Take this dell package, for instance.

https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/drive … ?driverid=gt8wg

While not for gma3600, there's a slim chance it would work with prodding, since it does gma3000 and gma4000.

Intel's 'devil may care' attitude toward drivers was/is legendary.

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Thre's a YT video of these beta 64-bit drivers being installed (and a link to said drivers if you want to try them) - seem to work for some, but not others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrF3eLc-0BE

Chuckled mildly at this 'burn' - https://community.intel.com/t5/Graphics/GMA-3 … ort/td-p/423609