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Noticed this @ http://www.scummvm.org/

As regular ScummVM web-viewers may have noticed already, we have removed the Paypal button from our site and no donations are currently being accepted.

Paypal has informed as that all software capable of playing a game on a system 'it was not sold for' is in violation of their AUP. Please feel free to e-mail aup@paypal.com and express your disappointment at their policies... Which make absolutely no sense for a project like ScummVM, which is often actively assisted by the original game developers and studios, even to the point of being shipped by Sold Out in their Broken Sword 1/2 compilation.

We are investigating alternatives for a donation system, if any of our users would like to put forward a suggestion of a safe, open-source friendly system please let us know in the "Paypal Sucks" forum thread.


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This is bad news, although it doesn't come as a surprise. PayPal doesn't seem to be the place where the customer is valued. Sadly, there are few alternatives.

The interesting thing is how Big Business is trying to secure the market for mobile game remakes. The big game series, those that are well known and suitable for commercial remakes, are all in the hand of a few companies. And these companies are just (maybe they did this before in the console market, I don't know anything about that) about to discover the interest in retro gaming products. Development of mobile games is cheap compared to development of new generation games. I guess the people at EA think that mobile gaming is, much like casual gaming, something which provides a steady inflow of money on a low scale.

It's sad to see that those companies which abandoned much-loved game series are now coming back after many non-profit fan projects documented the still large fan base for retro gaming. I guess the big crackdown has just begun. This is where the PC philosophy shows it's strength because the basic hardware design is not protected by intellectual property (thanks Big Blue, we'll never forget) and software is not linked to the hardware as strong as in consoles. I'm pretty sure that nothing can be done against Dosbox at least. What's the need for EA replay when you can play Ultima on your PDA? I guess this is driving the guys at EA mad.

I wonder in which direction the PC technology is heading, now that Windows Vista will deny certain things based on the hardware and drivers present. Also, "Games for Windows" will certainly change the PC world. There are a bunch of people who'd like to bring console "features" to PCs, restricting the possibilities to alter games and create new content. Perhaps we'll all have to abandon MS in favour of Linux....

...and stop playing new games