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I've been searching for this game...just wondering, are there any other versions of the manual which comes with colour?

I've seen one in replacementdocs which has a brownish-red tint to the cover. Is there another version with a gold coloured manual cover, just like the outer box colour?

Thanks for any information!

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Most of SSI's game covers come directly from official D&D rulebook covers iirc. Don't know which one this comes from in particular, just swaying you in the right direction 😀

long live PCem

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Quick scan of current Ebay listings shows a few with color pictures:http://cgi.ebay.com/AD-D-Death-Knights-of-Kry … DefaultDomain_0
and http://cgi.ebay.com/Advanced-D-D-Death-Knight … age_Video_Games
The first one has strong color cast so I am not sure if you can trust that one.
I would not be surprised if there were some differently colored versions. There are way too many variations of SSI manuals -- just look at the "Adventurer's Journal" on those pictures and on yours.