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How do PC games block you from playing more then the evaluation period, even after you reinstall it. Does it recognize you by Windows Serial Number? Can I download Virtual PC and play the game again?

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Davros wrote:

paying for the full version will allow you to play

Could not have said it better myself...

It's best to pay for the full game if indeed you found it enjoyable and fun to play 😉

No matter where you go, there you are...

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Jorpho wrote:

This sort of thing used to bother me because it suggested that the game was leaving something behind on my computer somewhere after being uninstalled.

It does, usually a file in a system folder or registry entry.

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Several different methods can be used to make an evaluation/trial version of some program expire. Often it's something in the registry or some other setting. I did some poking around and sometimes found something interesting a couple times.

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