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Hello everyone

I'm currently in the zone for playing old retro games. I remember one from my childhood which i can't seem to find at all. It is a 2d platform which moves from screen to screen and is more of an RPG type robot shooter shooting other machines (?). The robot I remember looked something like this.

note: Mind you this image aint from the game i'm talking about but looks very similar.

Sadly that's all the information i could give that's useful

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the_prince wrote:

This is the game!. big memories playing this and I still remember i never finished it. Thanks alot pal for quick reply also! 😀

No problem, glad I could help you 😀

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There's also a version of this game called "Electro Body" but I've always been confused as to if Electro Man and Electro Body are the same game with different titles, or different-yet-similar games.

It's also freeware now. :)
EDIT: As stated above while I was writing this. ;D

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Hey, not bad! I love these types of games. Think I missed it.

Yeah, looks like Robocop on weekend, out-of-duty mission, who had forgotten to wear his body armor.

Classic gameplay. 😀

Edit : According to the RGB Classic Dos Games website, xLand Games initally released the game as Electro Body. Epic Megagames re-distributed it as Electro Man (after buying the rights to distribute the game,perhaps) :


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