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Quake 2 DOS Port WIP

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Maraakate wrote:

The sndpci library we did not write. So it's probably an issue with the library. I forget who wrote it. Those PCI sound cards tend to have problems under DOS. The author of the library can be contacted at starus2009@mail.ru. I unfortunately do not have an SB Live card to test and debug these problems.

So does the ESS card work or no?

the main problem is not sndpci. with SIS661FX SB Live work as SB16 (emulation). For enable it need to use sbeinit.com - it required EMM386. but both modes - sndpci and SB16 emulation mode get big disk activity for quake 2 dos. ESS is worked, no disk activity, but big volume of noises. In Quake 2 for dos, if i set next sample rater on options, snd system, is restarting and after noises are gone.