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I'm wondering, because I'm a total nostalgia pleb for stuff like that. I'm in the process of making a sleeper build. I kind of want to have a 5.25" and 3.5" floppy drive along with a beige RW drive while running Syndicate at 1500FPS (If you're wondering how I'm going to pull that off I'm just going to have Win7 as my OS (due to SECDRV games not able to run on Win10) and run games like SS1 and Syndicate in a virtual machine).

I also want to play more modern games at high settings (I'd be playing mostly older games if I didn't have friends 🤣). This is how much of a pleb I am.

So yeah. If you find a beige case that's ATX and 500 or more watts please post it or a link to it here.

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ATX power supplies are easily replaceable, and there's been beige ATX cases since the 90's, so go for it. You don't have to get a case that includes one, and if you do happen to get an appropriate retro beige ATX case with one, it's bound to blow pretty soon anyway.

long live PCem

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Besides, even if you DO find a beige case that comes with a 500W PSU, it is probably an Athlon XP-era one, with aged components and unbalanced (for today's computers) power distribution. Get the case, put a new (and good) PSU in it and be happy. Just beware the cooling - most beige cases have subpar cooling, so be sure to pick up extra fans and populate all empty places.

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I'm not sure about availability of a very modern motherboard with floppy support. And I'm pretty sure if you can find one, it most probably will be supporting only a single floppy, an 3.5" one.

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