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I keep going back and forth on building a modern pc but the problem is there is no fast internet in my remote spot in Alabama. Can get satellite-type but the lack of speed not worth paying for. So can I still build a modern rig and maybe once a week lug it to work to download any updates? Will windows 10 still work like this? Didn't know where to put this post so here goes!

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Yeah, I had windows 10 with a shit connection for a little bit (sometimes 4g hotspot other times dial up). I am using 7 for the most part now however. There is a trick where you can disable all updates here http://gadgets.ndtv.com/laptops/features/how- … -updates-728049 and I was doing that when I ran 10 for a while. The only reason I am using 7 now is because the old install of win10 unfortunately got a virus and I didn't have the win10 disc handy at the time, but did have a windows 7 iso and a blank DVD. But if you want to do a lot of new games I would go with 10 since DX12, and its supposedly got better performance. But for my purposes (IRC, browsing, occasional Counter strike online match) win7 is great. I'll have to update my specs in my signature too btw.

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