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What's your best DOS games ?

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Reply 80 of 120, by Baraduribagugar

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Discworld 2
Hero quest
Day of the tentacle
Full Throttle
Sam & Max

Minä voin taikoa pontikkaa, huppelishei elämä on hauskempaa!

Reply 81 of 120, by quasarstrider

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Cathegorized, best game first in each row.

Turn-Based Strategy: Master of Magic (variety, balance), Master of Orion II (MoM reloaded), Civilization I (CivII only had a better combat system and I dislike isometric)
Real-Time Strategy: Warcraft III (variety is the spice of life), Starcraft (*the* predecessor to WCIII), Dune II (the first to connect all the pieces)
Squad Games: UFO Enemy Unknown (cool theme, nice bundle), Jagged Alliance (does the squad thing better)
Adventure: The Secret of Monkey Island (the story kicks ass, v2 was more feeble), Day of the Tentacle (funny!)
RPG: Fallout (the story is better), Fallout 2 (the game mechanics are better)
Other: Star Control 2

I played all these games from start to finish more than one time (even the adventure games). They are that good. Which is more than I can say for some other games I've played, which I never finished because I got bored or annoyed half-way through. 😅

Reply 82 of 120, by Strider.BR

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tycoon rulez

transport tycoon, theme park, constructor (the best one), death rally, vapire, syndicate plus, the dig, full trottle...


Reply 88 of 120, by Skydive

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TPJ wrote:
Civilization (Civ II - Windows, not DOS!!!) :happyhappy: Colonization Warlords II DeLuxe :happyhappy: UFO : Enemy Unknown :happy […]
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Civilization (Civ II - Windows, not DOS!!!) 😁
Warlords II DeLuxe 😁
UFO : Enemy Unknown 😁
Theme Hospital
Transport Tycoon
Lotus 3 😁
Stunts 😁
Wolfenstein 3D

My thoughts exactly! 😁

Check out the FreeCol project.

Reply 91 of 120, by Guest

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My favourite earlish dos games:

Ancient Art of War, Ancient Art of War at Sea
Defender of the Crown
Test Drive 1 (EGA), California Games
Gunship! (1st one in CGA/EGA - I bought an EGA card and 320x200 EGA monitor for this game in 1987, upgrading from my measily 4 colour CGA setup!)
Alley Cat, Rogue, Frac (3D tetris)
Civilization 1 (nice music too)
DOOM 1(and the many fan created maps & episodes!)
UFO: Enemy Unknown
All the Space, Police & King's Quests, & Lesure Suit Larry's (SQ1,2,3,5 r best)
Another World, Prince of Persia
System Shock 1
Pool of Radiance
F117A Stealth Fighter (damn, not another SA12!)
Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior
The Cresent Hawks Revenge
The Cresent Hawks Interception.
Ultima Underworld 1 & 2

Reply 92 of 120, by ribbon13

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Pool of Radiance was better on the C64
As was Below the root
and Jumpman

My fondest dos memories would have to be when I got IBM Dos 2.0 with basica. I had this ASCII art/text game which you played a trucker. kinda like interative fiction hitting on truck stop waitress, talking your way out of speeding tickets, and not doing so much yaba you fall asleep at the wheel. I forgot what it was called though. I think i still have the 5 1/4" disks it was on though.

Reply 93 of 120, by Guest

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Didn't have much on my C64. Just Striker, those tapes drives were a bit naff though. Did quite a bit of programming using BASICA, nice BASIC, although don't remember the truker game.
Yea, early DOS games didn't have much in the way of graphics but it was good speeding POR up with upgrades, one big battle sequence used to take well over an hour on my 8086; much better on a 80286!

Reply 94 of 120, by HunterZ

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There are so many DOS games that I've loved to play that I can't remember even a fraction of them anymore. Scanning my memories and looking over everyone else's posts, here are a few that come to mind at the moment though (in no particular order):

* - never actually finished the game, but still like it a lot

Starflight 1 and 2 (probably my #1 favorite)
Moria (I should port it to MinGW like I did to DJGPP 10 years ago)
Space Quest 1,2,3,4
*Daggerfall (and *Arena)
X-Wing and Tie Fighter
Prince of Persia 1 and *2 (the REAL PoP series!)
Dune 2
Doom 1 and 2 (and Heretic and Hexen)
Descent 1 and *2
Thexder and Firehawk
Wizardry 6 (Bane of the Cosmic Forge) and *7 (Crusaders of the Dark Savant - playing now in DOSBox)
Castles 2
Dark Forces (the prequel to Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, the prequel to Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight 2)
Out of This World (aka Another World)
*Betrayal at Krondor
Monkey Island 1 and 2
Metal Mutant
Commander Keen series (not sure if I beat any past the first, except for shareware versions)
Solar Winds series (don't think I beat part 2, but not sure)
*Populous (nobody beat it)
*Protostar (didn't discover it until recently)
Ultrabots (aka Xenobots)
*Wasteland (didn't discover it until a couple years ago)
Full Throttle
The Dig
Warcraft 2
*Quest for Glory series (haven't played for years - didn't like what I saw of part 5; beat parts 1,2,3)
*Rasterscan (so confusing but so original! Would love to beat it someday but probably never will)
Wolfenstein 3-D
*Duke Nukem series (especially the platformers 1 and 2 - beat the shareware versions many times)
*Zork series (since others have mentioned them - also other text adventures such as Daemon's Quest, Skullduggery, Golden Wombat of Destiny and of course Adventure/Colossal Cave all made impressions on me when I was young)
One Must Fall 2097 (shareware version)
Sim City 2000 (not a winnable game either)
*Zeliard (I still need to get back to making maps of this game for GameFAQs)

Games I wanted to like but kept putting down:
Albion (no direction of where to go and too many useless items keeps making me put the game down)
Fade to Black (oh my GOD the controls! THE CONTROLS!!! I had repressed the memories of that one...)
Ultima series (hmf)
Mines of Titan
Buck Rogers series, Dark Sun series, Al Qadim, other AD&D games of that era

Games I want to check out but never got around to:
System Shock 1
Wing Commander: Privateer
Planet's Edge

There are many more games in each category that I can't think of.

Reply 95 of 120, by ribbon13

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Mines of Titan and Battletech:The Crescent Hawks Inception are the two biggest underrated games of the era....

Just enough spritage graphics to make the Interactive Fiction that they are just unmitigated awesomeness. And the hexediting to cheat like a mofo...

In battletech I had a 255 ton mech with 4 PPC 2 LRM 20s and 2 AC20s, and mega armor, and 12MP like a locust plus 12mp jumpjets. I modded the enemy mechs to have like 8 machine guns each. Not effective by the game rules, but fun fight sequences. Oh.. have modded your partys skills so you can have 4 excellent pilots...

Ahhh the memories.

Reply 97 of 120, by FoxURA

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1. Robomaze III: The Dome - an overhead action/adventure/shooter/rpg where you explore large levels, fight a wide variety of enemies with a wide variety of weapons
demo download at: http://www.filelibrary.com/Contents/DOS/84/1.html

2. Desent I - A flight game with complete freedom of movement. You have lots of weapons and powerups to use to help you clear out large mine complexes of a wide variety of enemy robots.

demo download for Descent 1 at:

3. Raptor: Call of the Shadows - a forward scrolling flight game that is never boring.
demo download at: http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/game/119

4. Bio Menace - a wonderful platform game with a good plot, good control, and lots of action
demo download at:

5. Duke Nukem I - The game that started it all! Side and Vertical scrolling game with free movement in large 2D worlds.
demo download at:

6. Captain Comic- Episode 1: Planet of Death - an oldie from 1988. It is a platform action adventure. Great for its time and OK graphics by todays standards.
demo download at:

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Reply 99 of 120, by HunterZ

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FoxURA: I see you were into the shareware back in the day 😀 You're the first person besides myself that I've heard speak of the Robomaze games. I tried getting them added to Home of the Underdogs but Underdogs never got around to adding it I guess (out of the batch of games I sent her a couple years ago, the only ones I noticed that she added were Dungeon Explorer and an older version of Vampyr).