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I hope this double post is acceptable. I want to notify people who were looking for files that I found found them, but I cant send PMs and I dont think they will check this thread unless there is a new post.

I now created a collection of the SDKs here on archive.org

Gamecollector wrote:

If someone have files from the list below - please share:
9.0a - dx90asdk.exe (223 MB).

I managed to find someone who still had it. Here it is.

kokerich wrote:

By the way I'm looking for the dxsdk_sum2004_symbols.exe . Actualy any of the symbols collection from 2004 or 2005 would be great!

Here are the 2004 Summer extras. They should contain debug symbols.

The only file that is still missing and was available recently:

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Was looking for stuff and found this from a person that actually worked on DirectX back in the day.

He has a 2-part blog entry and at the ends posts downloads for:
DirectX 1 CGDC 1995 SDK Beta (6.4 MB)
DirectX 2 SDK (32.5 MB)
DirectX 3 SDK (78.3 MB)

https://web.archive.org/web/20070812193808/ht … .com/microsoft/ - part 1 available here

https://web.archive.org/web/20070513220912/ht … _now_part_2.php - part 2 available here

You even get pictures of the original CD cases and some other stuff.

Looks like Microsoft Visual C++ 4.1 also comes with the Windows 95 Games SDK (DirectX 1)

This is from the readme on the MSVC++ 4.1 CD

Games SDK Samples
The Games SDK shipped with Visual C++ 4.1 includes several samples.

Yamaha modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG repository
YMF7x4 Guide

Reply 62 of 63, by mattw

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wobak wrote on 2018-09-24, 19:13:

The only file that is still missing and was available recently:

I have "dx90_directmusicproducer.exe", if anyone needs it - let me know...

[EDIT] actually, quick search shows it's already "preserved" online here:

http://w2krepo.somnolescent.net/Audio/dx90_di … sicproducer.exe

[EDIT2] regarding DirectX SDK 2.0:
it's available in "MSDN Disc October 1996" and compared to what was already posted here:

https://web.archive.org/web/20070513220912/ht … tX/DirectX3.zip

3 files are different (all other files are byte-by-byte identical):

README.TXT : "Beta 3" text is removed from the file and more details are added for folder content, i.e. it seems "Beta 3" was promoted to the Release version
DXSDK.SIZ : don't know what that files does, only one number is different, I believe it could be due to different size of README.TXT
DXSDK.INF : the difference is it just reflects the different size of README.TXT

So, basically "Beta 3" and the Release version of DX2.0 are the same. I am attaching the 3 different files from the MSDN disc plus screenshot.

[EDIT3] GameSDK, i.e. DX 1.0 that was previously mentioned in this topic:

https://web.archive.org/web/20070513220912/ht … DC2005_Beta.zip

is indeed Beta and very different than what is included "MSDN Disc July 1996". So, for those who are interested, one more time you can find GAMESDK (DX 1.0) Release on "MSDN Disc July 1996".


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Reply 63 of 63, by silikone

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I saw a reference to directx_9c_Dec04sdk_redist.exe somewhere and was wondering if it's reflected in the SDK. I always assumed there was just one redistributable for DirectX 9.0c, and that everything else starting from February 2005 was just optional additions (D3DX, Xinput, etc).
It doesn't really make sense, because the core runtime in something as late as the 2007 SDK seems to be dated to July of 2004, which coincides with the original release. What could a December release that year possible include?

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