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I don't know whether I'm going blind, or stupid, but when I browse my retro compact flash drive (has DOS on it) on my Windows 10 machine, I can't see the autoexec.bat or config.sys files on it. They are there, because I can edit them when I use the CF drive on my retro PC. In Windows 10, I have the view option set to "show hidden files", and so I'm surprised that I can't spot them. I'm sure I've made a simple mistake, and there's something simple that I have forgotten to do!

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Sometimes they still get set as system files, did you try opening them with notepad using the run menu? Such as

notepad X:\autoexec.bat
Where X is the drive letter?

This ofc won't show it but it's enough to edit,

I'm not sure how Windows 10 handles things but in 98-7 you need to tell it to show system files