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So here's the thing guys: I watch a lot of anime movies, and for a long time this HP Pavilion tx2500 was my main machine for that (I sometimes run Win7, sometimes various Linuxes).

But lately some movies--particularly any anime fansub that uses the h265 codec--has been causing this thing to chug, even if I use a linux with lower overhead. This is becoming a more and more common problem, so I'm thinking I just need new hardware.

On top of that I'd like a machine that can run the games Amnesia the Dark Descent (with custom stories) and Celeste--I have both on Nintendo Switch but the PC versions allow for fan-made custom content. Otherwise, I'm not interested in a new laptop as a gaming machine--outside of those I'm mostly gonna be into emulators like MAME, and my main thing is as a movie machine.

Also I'd like to have an HDMI output port to hook it up to a television.

So I was thinking about getting a Dell Inspiron 17 7000 or whatever, a machine I read was a good budget-priced gaming machine from last year... but it would cost $600-$900 and I started to think that was a bit overkill for something I'm mostly gonna just watch anime with and maybe occasionally play an Amnesia custom story. I'd like to spend no more than $300, but I don't know if that's realistic... maybe I should go for the overkill machine just to be safe?

Anyway, what do you guys recommend? If you have the same sort of hobbies, what's the oldest/lowest hardware you've gotten HD 1080p or UHD running fluidly on?

(BTW no, I don't use streaming services, so that isn't even a consideration--I'm only concerned about watching things like MKV files or other files I can actually store locally).

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The laptop you have now is super old. Anything made within the last 8 years is going to be just fine with 1080p videos.

I would say just about anything within the last 3-5 years should mostly be fine for 4k video.. but I would verify specs just to make sure.

On the Intel side, look for an i7 (quad core) or higher. Some of the older mobile i7 CPUs are only dual core and are therefore pretty sucky. On AMD side, I would say Ryzen 7... My Father-in-Law just got a nice Ryzen 7 based laptop a few months ago and it is a very nice laptop. Think it was around 500-600.

Edit: Just got a Dell ad in the mail. Starting on 11/26 at 6PM ET, they are having a G3 15 Gaming Laptop on sale for $599.99.
10th Gen i5, Windows 10 Home, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4GB Geforce GTX 1650.

Personally I would still go with a Reyzen based laptop From the little I have used it, it responded really quickly.. quicker than pretty much any other laptop I have used in the past... and that is including the originally $5k Dell Precision laptop I have for work right now.

I can't comment on the graphics performance for games on the Ryzen based laptops, but they are going to be way more than enough for 4k videos.

Yamaha YMF modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG resource repository - updated November 27, 2018
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide
AW744L II - YMF744 - AOpen Cobra Sound Card - Install SB-Link Header

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Good luck on that budget. i think a 15.6” HP pavilion would be your best bet on that budget. Try eBay.

I use an HP z420 workstation upgraded with 8-core , 16-thread e5-2690 Xeon and 32gb ram which I was able to assemble from
Purchases from eBay for under $200
i added an Nvidia gt 730 4gb video card and have it hooked up to my 65” 4k TV via HDMI and to my 32” PC monitor.

So I use the computer as an everyday workstation and home media server / NAS.

I added and SSD boot drive and 3 (4gb.) hard drives.

Works great and easy to build.

Supports up to 64gb of ram and a RX5700 type video card.
But NO NVME SSD.. but that’s okay because I dont do any video rendering anyways.