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At the webpage:


there are many game radomizers for quite a few games. A game randomizer alters aspects of a given game, such as the location or type of enemies, or what items are used to pass what obstacles, weapon statistics, etc. The point of a game randomizer is to add new challenges to a game, so that when you love a particular game (we all have our favourites) but are bored because you know everything about the game, then you can use a game randomizer to sort of create a new version of that game, or at least a new and surprising experience with that game.

The results aren't always great, as randomizing a games attributes can, for example, create an in-game situation that is impossible to beat, or conversely it can actually make the game extremely easy (such as if it allows you to pick up the ultimate weapon near the start of the game), but some of the authors of these game randomizers are very dedicated, and will quickly release a new, fixed version when they learn of a problem with the current game randomizer.

The list even links to this forum, with Zygo's System Shock 2 randomizer. Though the lists doesn't cover every existing randomizer, since I know of a Goldeneye one (http://www.shootersforever.com/forums_message … light=randomize, which I've e-mailed to that list's website) so if the game you want isn't on there, then it's worth you trying your luck via Google.

Anyway, it turns out that there's a Deux Ex randomizer, at:



Which is great for me, because Deus Ex is my favourite PC game. Unfortunately, I doubt it will work with either the brilliant mod GMDX or any of GMDX's later updates by other people, but I will still be giving this randomizer a try when I next play Deus Ex.