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Anders- wrote on 2021-10-13, 21:10:
One more important point, it was around that time the floppy port disappeared from the mainboards! My amd64x2 (socket 939), came […]
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kolderman wrote on 2021-10-13, 19:21:

I remember the Athlonx 64 X2 peaked around the mid-late 2000s, because upgrading meant going from socket-939 (AGP,DDR,IDE,WinXP) to the AM-socket platform (DD2/3, PCIe,SATA,Vista) meaning you needed to upgrade EVERYTHING. It was the last hurrah of 90s era tech and a lot of people wanted to keep that platform running as long as possible, and the Athlonx 64 X2 meant not only could you upgrade to a high clocked CPU, but often it meant upgrading from single to dual core for owners of the earlier single-core Athlon64s, which made a tremendous difference. Was probably the best CPU upgrade in history and no wonder prices went through the roof.

One more important point, it was around that time the floppy port disappeared from the mainboards!
My amd64x2 (socket 939), came with floppy controller, ddr2, sata and pcie+pci 😀

Edit: I realize there's a bit of contradiction there, will have to doublecheck next time I got the case open.
Pretty sure I've seen both "939" printed on the socket as well as buying 4x1G ddr2 back in the day...

There was a lot of weird stuff around this era, like boards with both AGP and PCIe, possibly DDR1/2, but I have mainly seen DDR2/3 on latter gen boards like s775.

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cyclone3d wrote on 2021-10-13, 19:23:

Ehhh, Even the Geforce FX 5950U is CPU limited in 3DMark 2001 with a Core2 X6800 below 3.2-3.3Ghz.

If going for a PCIe setup for XP, the ideal would be whatever the latest you can get XP drivers for as far as the motherboard goes... Probably an LGA-2011 with a Xeon 1680v2 or so along with a couple Geforce GTX Titan X video cards... of course I would be running XP x64 so I could use more RAM as well. The Sound card would be an Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 4 Pro.

I've never tried to do something like that, for me XP is DX9 only and I'm not intrested in using a DX12 capable card on XP, and also I don't care about 3DMark scores, I only care that the computer can run any DX9 game maxed out at a high resolution like 1600x900 or 1920x1080 but is guess that DX9 cards aren't capable of this. Like I said, I never tried it, because most games released after Win Vista launch that work on XP will also work on Win7 and sometimes they have a DX9 and a DX10 renderer, and is cheaper to asemble a computer for Win 7 because of the driver support and hardware availability.
Of course everybody has it's point of view, it's only my opinion.

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It's a crap platform and as much of a bad purchase decision as it was 10 years ago. Any Sandy Bridge/Ivy bridge chip ran full circles around them in about every possible aspect