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Vogons users, how do you deal with anxiety?

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Jo22 wrote on 2023-05-12, 01:31:
@Malik I agree with what you wrote, however, due to personal experience, I feel I must add something to that: - Not all doctors/ […]
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@Malik I agree with what you wrote, however, due to personal experience, I feel I must add something to that:
- Not all doctors/psychiatrists/therapist are necessarily friendly or emphatic
- Some of them have serious mental health problems themselves, probably due to long time contact/exposure to patients
- They know about form, but not necessarily about substance.
They have neither been living through certain situations themselves, nor did they take the medication themselves.
That's why, by contrast, a patient is himself his best doctor sometimes (again, sometimes).

Again, I'm not arguing. It's just that the professionals are human, too.
So it might be necessary to keep that in mind, if it turns out that the professional in question isn't a helpful person or makes things worse.

That doesn't mean, however, that all professionals are like that "bad" one.
- I just feel like I must mention that possibility, however.
It's rather hit and miss, I think, like finding friends. Some are a match for you, some are not. It's highly individual.
The relationship between doctor or therapist and patient is based on trust, after all.
That's how it should be, ideally, at least.

Oh well, I probably shouldn't write these lines here because it could demotivate people seeking professional help.
(Which is recommended, to get access to required medication alone.)

But on the other hand, I think I must simultaneously tell them about the small possibility of a negative experience.

Ok, long story short: Just because the professional makes you feel bad or make you responsibility for your own faults doesn't mean it's automatically true.
Some of them maybe simply don't understand you or your exotic hobbies, maybe.
So please don't despair, don't let yourself make feel miserable.

Ratger, if the professional makes you feel worse, consider getting a second opinion by someone else.

Maybe another professional or simply friends or other people with similar health issues.
This helps to get a greater picture on the matter.

And maybe, sometimes, all you need is someone who listens to your worries.
Someone you know who cares about it, if possible.
Really, don't underestimate the need to talk to someone about your problems/worries.
It can really make you feel better and assist the healing process.

PS: A few more words. Some people on the internet are wonderful beings, while others are trying to hurt others because they're being hurt themselves.
So don't please don't take every statement for real. They maybe don't even really mean what they're saying, if they say bad things.

@Jo22, thanks for your explanations. I agree with you. Not all (docs) are truly sympathetic towards their patients. And I would say upto 80% are not. Sad but true. Hard to see a doc who is not just working to make the most profit nowadays.

What I wished for him is, not to get wrong ideas from the wrong people. My previous suggestion was abruptly short and deservedly accrued criticisms.

(P.S. I myself came out from depression. And yes, I was under medication too. But it was not the medication that helped. But the strength of the mind - to think to myself that I'm not going to ruin myself because of my negative thinking. I'm not sure if God exists, but if God helped me, I would like to thank Him too.)

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Guy you have to try this.
I rediscovered “Chicken Noodle soup”
It Amazing how it Calms your nerves and Help you Sleep better too.
And its healthy for your body and mind.


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I think Progress0 might have less sodium.
But either way they both work great.