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Hello everyone.

I am a 39 year old guy, who got into computers are a young-ish age around 1996.
My first proper experience in computer gaming was at my friends place on his 486-DX2. Warcraft1, doom and rise of the triad.
Some time later my dad bought the family a Compaq Pentium 133 for 3200$
6 months later I sold it for 800$, added an extra 400$ that I managed to save up and built my first PC.
An AMD K6-233 with a 4mb ati and a 4mb diamond monster.
After that it's been none stop changes every 6 months and tried a bit of every possible hardware.

A few things led me here.
First I am influence-able and after watching for the past year different vintage computer videos made by some awesome youtubers, (one of awesome channels would be LGR) bringing up the nostalgia in me...
Well I decided to rebuild myself a Vintage PC.
I realized only now that building a Vintage PC costs about as much as building a new computer if you don't want to cut corners and use period correct hardware.
I also have a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card at home that I kept all those years. I just felt I should make use of it and build something interesting.

Any research I have done to get myself ready has always led me to different posts on this forum, so here I am 😀

The Vintage PC I am building will be the following:

CPU: AMD K6-266 (Ebay, 20$) (I also have a Pentium 133 at home to test)
Motherboard: SMT VX3-2 Socket 7 (Ebay, about 100$) Here is the only resource I found on this motherboard. https://theretroweb.com/motherboards/s/newtech-smt-vx3-2b... I am hoping it will be compatible.
Ram: My goal is to put 64 to 128MB. I have a bucket of old sdram at work, the motherboard comes with 1x32
GPU: my Voodoo3 2000 PCI
Audio: Soundblaster Audigi PCI. Sadly doesn't have a game port. (Any vintage soundcard on ISA costs 50$ to 10x more shipped. I have the Audigi here at work.
LAN: RTL8029 PCI or similar.
1.44MB Floppy
CDRom TBD (whatever I can get my hands on)
Case: A being Pentium4 ATX case... AT Cases are minimum 200$ shipped from Ebay.
PSU: something like an EVGA 450 with adaptor cables from Amazon.

OS goal, Dos 6.22 and Windows 98se in dual boot.

I hope this goes smoothly.
My motherboard and CPU are on it's way for sometimes mid November.

Take care guys and thanks for the awesome forum and knowledge resource.

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Good luck with the build! I built a dedicted DOS gaming machine a couple years ago, and had a blast. Even with DOSBOX, PCEM, etc., it's still a ton of fun to use actual hardware.

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kolderman wrote on 2022-11-08, 19:56:

Welcome. V3 is a great card for build. You might want to consider getting a pentium mmx or k6+ cpu so you can use setmul for speed sensitive games.

Indeed, the goal will be to run it with an amd k6-266
Board isn't a super socket7 and looks like an older socket7 so it won't be able to do k6-2's
However I am hoping once it's all setup that I can push up the fsb from 66 to 75 which should give me about 300mhz...

So Exciting, it's frustrating that I have to wait so long for the parts. Granted right now I am still missing a lot of cables, backplate ports, ribbon cables for hdd floppy, a floppy power cable that can plug into a sata or something...

I will have to try my hand at making a build video when I have everything.

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Watch out your about to go down a rabbit hole 😀

Few suggestions,
Don't worry about Dos 6.22, booting into "dos 7" which sits under Win9x is perfictly suitable for gaming and gives a few extra benefits main one been Fat32 support.
Audigy is a really good card for 9x and at least it'll work in dos unlike most PCI cards, so no rush but keep a lookout on local trading sites, ebay, etc for isa cards. They can still come up for a honest price sometimes.
Ribbon cables I usually replace for sexy rounded ones anyway, again ebay and amazon have cheap ones that work fine.

but mostly enjoy the build, for alot of us thats more fun then the finished product!

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I have an update...
I have been clearly reminded that building a socket 7 computer is an absolute pain.

I received my motherboard, the SMT VX3-2 Socket 7.
It has an old Intel VX Chipset.
It would read a 30gig drive which is good.
I never got the serial to work. Tried so many different serial cables, mices, even bought a Microsoft Serial mouse for 40$ on ebay, which works on another socket7 machine I found and bought directly.

Eventually after lots of pain, crashes and mouseless reinstalls of WIndows 98, I got it working perfectly with a usb card.
I got greedy and flashed the bios. And no more boot.
Drives no longer detected.
Fdisked and found that the computer now no longer supports 30gig dirves. Down to 10 gigs.

In desperation I found a firmware of a totally different board which the same chipset and similar layout. Flashed it, it booted right up but again, no K6 compatibility and more missing issues. This time the floppy was gone.
I reflashed it by copying a win98 startup disk on the harddrive with the bios flashing software and that old proper bios I had found.

And now I will again, just try to get it up and running, with my Pentium 133. If the serial mouse works in this specific configuration I will be happy.
At that point I would ebay a pentium 166 or 200 mmx
Get a cheap PCI ATI Rage card.
Perfectly configure the computer and send it off to market place.

I have been filming some of the early pain, I hope to make a youtube video at some point, granted it would be a first and I really suck at it.

To make my ideal configuration, I need to buy this.
https://www.ebay.ca/itm/255864862690?_trkparm … fbb3c%7Ciid%3A1
Been spending a lot recently so... I am hesitant for now...

I also found and bought a K6-2 400 with motherboard but need to recap it.
So lots of projects I hope to move forward with... the issue is time.

Work, professional projects, home renovation, wife... so little time and I don't even have kids yet.

Reply 8 of 9, by RandomStranger

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Good luck with the build and be careful about the Audigy. Not all of them are created equal. The Audigy SE (SB0570) is not very good and I don't think it has W98 or DOS drivers.

sreq.png retrogamer-s.png

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Welcome aboard! Gib us pics! 😁 *insert angry mob pictures here*

Coolit83 wrote on 2022-12-29, 13:51:

Been spending a lot recently so... I am hesitant for now...

I also found and bought a K6-2 400 with motherboard but need to recap it.
So lots of projects I hope to move forward with... the issue is time.

Your issue will be space sooner or later 😜

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