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Genre & year of release doesn't matter.

I'm almost completely unfamiliar with Amiga games, save for what I know from PC ports, and a few liberated releases like Putty Squad and Perihelion.

It'd be nice if someone could point me towards a free downloads site like RGB Classic Games or dosgames.com. So far I've only found a big listing of free games here, without any downloads attached, and very little actual information on game developers and publishers to verify that the freeware games they list are indeed such.

DOS Games Archive | Free open source games | RGB Classic Games

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This site has a ton of public domain games:


The top ten lists would be a good start:


There's even an accompanying book, which is available for cheap on Kindle:

https://www.amazon.ca/Ultimate-Guide-Amiga-Ga … /dp/B00JVARFSU/

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Éric Chahi made a game like flashback, i think it was released into Amiga PD, but can't recommend it, it was ported to windows, but Heart of the Alien is the sequel or prequel to out of this world or another world. They have new mods to read actual Amiga disks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ0g7lQQVus

Cloanto Amiga and c64 forever, for some reason c64 games seem to work on the amiga forever emulators... They have free demos of the emulators. Newer versions of Amiga for real hardware is also commercially available... Amiga 4 and up I think.

factor 5 website, bckid
Relics of Deldroneye, public domain / genetic species;

more hardware guides http://ale.emuunlim.com/guides/guides.shtml. A huge site is: http://aminet.net/ not all PD some demo too. here is a wiki on it: http://wiki.aminet.net/Main_Page
the UK has different laws than US.

For C64 and Amiga Joystick usually goes in port 2.
some previews:
youtube: the 20 best Amiga public domain games in order of greatness,
16 public domain Amiga games part 2, has list.
**pacman/galaga clone not free legal; some may be permitted by original author.

alien fish finger, air taxi, super obliteration, wheelchair gladiators — public domain AFAIK

Reel Skill, has source

game engine sites:

Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit , a game engine
AMOS 2, Francois Lionet developing A game engine, also a bible chapter

game developer sites:
Looks like Robin Burrows official website with the fatal mission trilogy: https://www.tilemap.co.uk/fm1.html
http://www.olazandelin.com/tools.html Ola Zandelin website, created AFX game creation system, may have games
https://www.rebas.se/creative/myamigagames.shtml Martin Rebas website, has games for Amiga and Java

Amiga has fun utilities to play with and can use AmigaDOS. Workbench (commercially available) in Amiga Forever, has a text to speech file called say, Used to make it say things in different voices, that comes with a workbench version in the basic version of Amiga Forever

(Amiga often used Kickstart and Workbench to boot up). Amiga is from the uk. Gremlin Interactive had software put out on cd. pinball demos usually have a whole table.