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I just moved to Frankfurt from Hong Kong and several kind users along the way helped with advice on packing, storage and shipping questions. Unfortunately, due to forum restrictions, I am unable to respond to a couple of these users.

So my question is: is anyone currently living in Germany here?

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PdXY wrote on 2022-12-27, 23:42:

Yes, but not around the Frankfurt area..


pixelatedscraps wrote on 2022-12-23, 21:44:

So my question is: is anyone currently living in Germany here?

Yes, I think. A couple, actually. However, not all of them feel comfortable outing themselves as Germans, I guess.
I believe that has a psychological origin, also. Few Germans have a national pride*. Neither do I.
It's more about being an European, a Frankfurter, a Brandenburger or a Hesse.

By the way, there are two kinds of Frankfurt: Frankfurt in Hessen (region) and Frankfurt near the Oder river.
Oh, and there's "Stadt Frankfurt", some Kaff in the ex-GDR. 🤣

*Edit: Sports events excluded. Olympic games, soccer etc..

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I'm German and I don't live too far away from Frankfurt (Hessen).

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