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Hello everyone.
I would much appreciate your help trying to figure out what heck of a game my wife keeps asking me to get, so that she can play it again.
I don't play point and click adventures at all ( I prefer going fast and destroying things ).
Anyway she keeps talking about this game.
In the intro a king is sick and there is a shop where you can get the stuff to make a potion to save the king, but the guy there he doesn't have the ingredients. So basically the game is you going on an adventure to gather the ingredients to make the potion to save the king.
This should be late 90s ar she remember going online and try to find tips on how to advance in the game. There seems to be two characters, a female and a male, and at least one of them is the protagonist and they fall in love middle game.
There is a part she hated where you had to battle some kind of evil forces, this part is action based.
This is driving me crazy because she cannot provide anymore details.
Please help. Sincerely,
Confused Unga Bunga.

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Thank you! Finally. It is indeed Shannara! She was utterly addicted to this, playing it until 3am and calling a couple other friends (by phone at the time) and sharing the experience, trying to figure out together what to do next, because some where further in the game.
I will see what kind of specs are recommended for this game and build a pc if necessary, in detriment of the half-built 386. Guess I play point and click now...

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Back then when writer was putting out new books of Shannara adventures. Just simple haring off and go through hardships and beat the evil being, in each book. Not series that lasts across multiple books like the Wheel of Time which I read and liked it.

Did read Dune books from the beginning to the end.

I'm mostly into books of fantasy that do with magic, sci-fi and such.


Great Northern aka Canada.