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Reply 23 of 52, by avatar_58

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[vEX] wrote:
HunterZ wrote:

Hey [vEX] - do you still hang out on the imbNES forum? That emulator seems to be pretty dead these days (sadly).

Nah, I don't even visit gamebase these days.
And yeah, it's seems dead but Allan said he wanted to put out another final version so I'm hoping 1.4 will come eventually.

I knew I recognized your name....I used to checkout the IMBNES forums frequently.

Reply 27 of 52, by MajorGrubert

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (and so far it seems I'm the only one in this part of the world).

Major Grubert

Athlon 64 3200+/Asus K8V-X/1GB DDR400/GeForce FX 5700/SB Live! 5.1

Reply 32 of 52, by eL_PuSHeR

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You are right, as far as I know...

Me (Granada)
You (Valencia)
Zup (Pamplona)


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Gigabye GA-X99-Gaming 5
8 GB DDR4 (2100)
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Reply 36 of 52, by Qbix

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DOSBox Author
wall wrote:
Qbix wrote:

Assen, Netherlands

If your house is anywhere near the race track, I am coming to visit you during the next formula1 and motoGP. 😁

Yesterday evening I walked to it. (15-25 minutes)
It's the closest you can get I think. (this group of houses (well part of the city)) is the closes to the racetrack.

I can hear the races when they are going on.

Water flows down the stream
How to ask questions the smart way!

Reply 37 of 52, by ThePerson98

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From Oklahoma US, hillbilly country!

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