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I don't have Fat PS3 and find this too large and unreliable. Yes, I know this as I repair consoles for work but not PS2. I heard of PS2 laser availability and quality issues.

I have choices of 360 (jasper or slim) and PS2 fat and PS Slim.

Is there any alternatives that I can do without using vintage consoles? I have very limited storage space at this moment.

And what good titles to play on? I'm mostly into adventures and puzzle games.


Great Northern aka Canada.

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You can use an emulator for the ps2 I imagine. The ps3 and xb360 are kind of new. Maybe it's been done anyhow. You'll have to look.

The Genesis and NEC Turbo Grafx is where it's at as far as I'm concerned.

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It may get me in trouble to mention, but will anyway.

For the ps2, one can use either the official network adapter and freehddboot+open ps2 loader on a FAT (and thus totally bypass the eol laser assembly-- even though doing so is a massive dmca violation-- so no, I wont tell you how or where to look, only that the tools exist, and what they do), or freemcboot + mx4sio (with microsdcard) + open ps2 loader for slim (which accomplishes the same thing above, and is ALSO a massive dmca violation, and no more details will be given)

The 360 will require a modchip, or custom firmware. No further info from me, but many emulators exist that were ported for such modded consoles.

A far more LEGIT solution, would be a MIST or MISTer-- which I feel I might actually be allowed to talk about in terms meatier than 'it exists, and does this thing'.

MISTer uses a small fpga core to dynamically simulate (not emulate!) Classic consoles, and is rather space efficient. It's harder to find, as it uses a difficult to obtain special fpga board meant for a very different purpose, but it is much more capable than its older sibling, the MIST.

The MIST is less capable (smaller --or rather, the the FPFA has less space to hold a core image, and thus can only do smaller cores, it's not 'slower', it's 'smaller'.) but readily available.

https://amigastore.eu/en/358-mist-midi-fpga-c … idi-add-on.html

multiple cores exist that can be deployed on it: