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After re-discovering this old AMD poster in my parents loft/attic yesterday I'd love to know if there's a good source to get hold of original or reproduction retro computing posters and artwork? Late 90s/early 2000s ideally. I've not had much luck on eBay or Google so far. Even some high quality scans I could get printed myself would be a good start.


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I've got a bit of a mish-mash of TIF files of AMD stuff I downloaded in that era, at the time very high res artwork and logos. 3000x3000, upto, it looks like. Some might print OK?

These TIFs must be uncompressed, attached is a 22meg duron logo zipped to 124K!

If there's any interest then I'll consolidate the pictures together and upload them somewhere.

When CDRs were plausible for backups and archiving, I burned all sorts of junk I had downloaded, and there seems to be some old PC biz promo material. A few years ago I went through all the old CDRs and dumped to the NAS everything that would read, and still haven't gone through it.

Bundled up the ~750meg of TIFs and high-res, old pictures and am sharing them via torrent (sorry for the huge link, too many trackers). These forums don't take torrent files as attachments.



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as with games there must be old retail promotional posters and so on for such things, maybe not as exciting or collectable as say a Sonic or Mario poster, but i'd guess they can still be found in occasional shop closures and so on