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I'm wondering if SoftMPU could be extended with a translation mode to translate the MT-32 SysEx messages to D-110 ones. This would enable using one of the later LA synths that have a different instrument/patch order to work with games only supporting the MT-32.
There are SysEx files to make those syxnths MT-32 compatible, but games loading custom instruments/patches won't work because of the differing order. An ad-hoc translation layer could maybe fix that!

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Sadly this wouldn't work. The instruments themselves are different, not just the SysEx. By that I don't mean that the instruments sound different, but they're programmed differently - the D-110 has a different order of PCM waveforms. The D-110 also needs slightly different programming per instrument.

Taking Sierra games for example, the instruments are embedded as a SysEx file. It's not possible (to my knowledge, anyway) to translate MT-32 to D-110 or vice versa, so therefore code couldn't be used to do that - unless someone was to actually write something from scratch, I guess.