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Hey there,
Sorry for this noob question and if this forum topic is not the correct one, but recently I became the lucky owner of a MT-32, CM-32L, SC-55, SC-88Pro, SC-8820 and Yamaha MU2000EX. All these are connected with a Roland UM-ONE cable to my Windows 10 64bit pc.

I would love to listen to midis (and LA and XG soundtracks if possible) on these devices with the ease that a media player like VLC or Foobar provide and I was wondering if there’s a simple drop and play software player that would allow me to do so.

Thank you.

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Winamp works fine except for MT-32 cases with SysEx patch bank data.

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Especially for MT-32 midi playback (but it's also useful for SC-55 and Yamaha XG) I recommend FSMP:

Because of this:
Ways to make your MT-32 MIDIs sound right

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