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First post, by monsterbaldy

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Hey all... I recently got a Roland MT-32 for my Pentium 2 with an AZT2320 and in some games it works great, like Jones in the Fast Lane and Monkey Island 2.

However, for a lot of the Sierra games I get the "Unable to initialize sound hardware". This was an issue when I was using the Adlib setting as well, but using a slowdown utility I fixed it. With the MT-32 slow-down doesn't help so I thought maybe it was something else.

I noticed the setup for KQ4 says it needs to program a sound bank on the Roland MT32, yadda yadda yadda, I am thinking maybe I need to install SOFTMPU.

So in trying softmpu 1.91 I run it with the correct parameters:

SOFTMPU /mpu:330 /sb:220 /irq:5 /delaysysex

and I get MPU-401 detected at port 330, and then it hangs.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Maybe the AZT2320 isn't supported? Maybe I don't need softmpu at all?

Any help is appreciated.

Reply 2 of 3, by bjt

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I haven't had any reports of success with the AZT2320, however the faster machines are often problematic. If a slowdown utility doesn't help I would try something from the compatibility list e.g. SB16.

Reply 3 of 3, by dkjr

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EDIT: I used setmul to fix this issue.

Looks like it is just speed related.

I just swapped my SB32 for a AZT2320 in a Celeron 800 system, then I had the same hang/freeze problem when running SoftMPU.
I then tried setmul L1D (disable L1 and L2 cache for this CPU) and SoftMPU runs normally.
When I start SQ3, I get a black screen with mouse cursor, MT-32 displays INSERT BUCKAZOID and a blinking midi data light and then nothing I have to wait for a few minutes and... the music works perfectly! But boy loading it up is slow;-)

EDIT2: I can use setmul again after SoftMPU is started to return to normal speed and SQ3 still works, but starts up a lot faster. E.g.

setmul L1D
softmpu /SB:220 /IRQ:5 /MPU:330
setmul L1E

Many thanks to Gerwin for setmul and bjt for SoftMPU, these utilities are lifesavers!