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I think that depends on the used gfx-chip and the drivers... I use IntelIGP because of the BEST image quality and alway centered image on the screen.

All I can say is that:

- Ignition runs nice
- turok1 has graphical issues in 3dfx mode.

- shadow warrior (3dfx) does not work.


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dr.zeissler wrote:

Is there a list of working 3dfx dosglide/winglide games for dgvoodoo (DX7) win9x/ME/2K ?
I am currently experimenting with this fantastic tool. I use an intel I965GV gfx-chipset.

You're welcome to make one yourself, and base it on the lists that Zeus and Gamecollector made for nGlide.

However, a. that's a lot of games to acquire and set up properly and b. Dege ceased development of dgVoodoo 1 series, so there won't be any updates or anything should you happen to discover any bugs. He did at least make the source available should anyone ever want to come along and try their hand at continuing it.

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