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With 2.55.x versions games look whitened.
With 2.54 or older verisions games look normal.
Windows 10 last update, RX470 last drivers, but this is bug shows always, with previous drivers and another games too.
This is bug of emulator, or I need another settings maybe?


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Works fine here.

Two questions:

1: Are you sure 2.55.3 doesn't work? This topic lists a "similar" issue:
Populous the Beginning's water is white with 2.55.4
And 2.55.4 is where it started breaking there, not 2.55

2: What happens if you set "Output API" to "Direct3D 11 MS WARP (software)" in dgVoodooCpl.exe?

Dege: On the GoG forums there's someone experiencing similar issues with Outlaws.

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Sega GT:
2.55 - 2.55.5(WIP51) show one behavior - make game white.
2.54 hang game.
2.53 works fine.

> "Output API" to "Direct3D 11 MS WARP (software)"
Make SegaGT game totally slow, but image fine.

No One Lives Forever:
2.54 and older - won't start lithtech.exe (app hang).
2.55+ looks good, but some objects fully white.
Game works even without emulator, without all improvements, but show all textures.