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So Gabriel Knight 3 is unplayable for me on Windows 8.1. It runs at 10-20 FPS and it crashes within minutes, usually as soon as I try to interact with anything in the game.

Using the latest version of dgVoodoo (2.55.4) with the DirectX DLL files fixes both the FPS and the crashing problems. However, it completely messes up the gamma of the game, and textures start having blurry shadowy patches. I'm not sure I'm describing it correctly, or if this even is a gamma problem, but unfortunately, I can't post any screenshots because whenever I try to take one, it just captures my desktop. I've experimented with just about every single setting in the dgVoodooCpl configurator, but nothing seems to solve it.

If anyone knows how to solve this, or if of any other way to get Gabriel Knight 3 working correctly. it'd be greatly appreciated.