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Hello mister DG, I have a new challenge for you, if you accept it: run Bad Mojo Redux in fullscreen...for the moment I found no wrapper that could do that.
If I used dgVoodoo ddraw.dll with d3dimm.dll, I only obtain a black screen.
Do you need more infos? debug log?

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Only the QuickTime videos are rendered through DDraw in this game, menu and gameplay seem to be plain (fullscreen) GDI (out of dgVoodoo scope).

Videos weren't displayed because DDraw is in "raw" usage in conjuction with GDI, but I've added some improvement to DDraw to workaround that.
Videos are now visible through dgVoodoo, but the game can only be played in fullscreen with unforced scaling mode because some things, like setting display mode, are beyond the control of dgVoodoo.