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This display GUID thing affect only DDraw. D3D8/9 identifies displays by simple indices.

Did you tested the games with the attached dll package to make sure?

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wonder if a GUID selector or something in the control panel could work-around for future issues.?And i'm running an multi-adapter system , so maybe that crates some new shenanigans

No, it's not needed. Those GUIDs are hardwired in MS DDraw, so once I modify them in dgVoodoo to match them, it should be ok, making it configurable makes no sense.

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oh okey, well funny thing, GTR1 list all modes from 32 bit to 16 bit, which mean GTR2 as a 16 bit mode is a 32 bit mode in GTR1.
GTR1 only work as it intended in 16 bit mode, but in 32 bit mode, the dash board still have the black void issue 😜
but the game have funny ugly grey lines even in native mode in 16 bit mode.
However to make it even more complicated a friend of me on Discord having a AMD card, the game works fine in native mode 😕

NFSHP2 I can't get my brain around it, because it refuses to work with dgvoodoo now, can't remember last it worked.