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Hi Guys!
I would really like to change better resolution in the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles-Mutant Melee.
I added files to the game folder from 3Dfx and from MS folder.
I set up the resolution change to 1920x1080.
I run the game, and everything is perfect until i start a battle.. when the fight start the whole screen turn into black. Everything going on ( so not freez) just i see nothing. And when i quit to the main manu the screen is still black.
I am really beginner of the dgvoodoo, so i tried some combination in options but nothing change.
When I check the Disable and passhtru to real DirectX combo box, it works fine and the black screen is gone.. BUT nothing changed.. so the graphics is the original (640x480) again... any idea?
So sorry if my issue is lame but i would really chnage the resolution to 1980x1024 (or at least greater than 640x480) for years.
I am hope somebody see my issue and can help me 😀

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I remember this game, it has various issues with dgVoodoo.
For exampe, black screen is because the game, at a point, violates the win32 ABI rules but accidentally(?) is compatible with MS D3D8 (maybe the code part in question was written in assembly or sg like that).
I dug up my old patch and checked it out again, seemed to work fine with dgVoodoo. Try it and let me know if it helps:

http://dege.fw.hu/Patches/TMNT_MutantMelee_dg … oodoo_patch.zip

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Someone please tell me how to play this in a better resolution.
I cannot understand what you all are talking about.I love that game so much.
How can i make it un in better resolution?
Just downloading and pasting that patch filer over the original file is enough???
but it did not work? Someone ??