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dgvoodoo caps Need for Speed High Stakes to 60fps.
The game itself has a fps cap. But a fps cap of 64 and not 60.
Vsync is of course off.
I'm on Glide Mode.


nGlide doesnt cap it to 60.

The 4 fps less might sound nitpicky, but actually it isnt.
It feels by far smoother in nGlide on the 64fps.
The reason for that might be that the engine according to VEG runs on a 128 tickrate.

I wonder where that 60fps cap comes from? Is dgvoodoo's glide emulation maybe in general locked to 60fps?
In DirectX Mode it keeps it uncapped.

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IIRC the glide2x source code -- the default refresh rate is 60 Hz for most resolutions (72 Hz for 512×384 on V2 SLI and 70 Hz for 640×400). The code forces this value for all requested videomodes except 75 Hz, 85 Hz and 120 Hz ones.
By design.

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Asus P4P800 SE/Pentium4 3.2E/2 Gb DDR400B,
Radeon HD3850 Agp (Sapphire), Catalyst 14.4 (XpProSp3).
Voodoo2 12 MB SLI, Win2k drivers 1.02.00 (XpProSp3).

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TBH, I don't know. The game is capped to 60 fps for me too, but having a look at it with a Glide driver, vsync is always requested from the game side

1397389	42.972948	11496	nfshsgame.exe	grBufferSwap (swap_interval = 1)

I have the game version of 4.5.