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I expected it to use the maximum desktop/monitor resolution.
But instead it uses maximum aspect ratio resolution.

So for NFS HP2 it doesnt use my 2560 x 1600 monitor resolution and it uses a weird 4:3 one instead, because the ingame resolution is 800x600.
But my game is already widescreen patched, so it got squished by dgvoodoo's 4:3 aspect ratio resolution. Let alone it was blurry on a flatscreen monitor due to its interpolation on non-native resolutions

I can of course choose my 2560 x 1600 directly.
But it would be easier to share dgvoodoo conf files in our IPLounge Discord, if people dont have to run the controlpanel to set their resolution.
Can you make it so (or add) a possibility that max really chooses maximum desktop/monitor resolution without any aspect ratio consideration? That would be great.

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Yes, 'Max' type of dynamic resolutions are designed to keep the aspect ratio of the application resolution. See the readme.

But, I understand that a game supporting only 4:3 (or 5:4) resolutions patched to 16:9 or 16:10 camera FOV for widescreen won't work with them, because as you wrote, a forced 16:n resolution must manually be selected.
So, I added a dynamic resolution 'Desktop', which always forces the GeneralExt\DesktopResolution (which is the current desktop resolution by default), independently on the application resolution.