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Noticed that GOG.COM released Outwars: https://www.gog.com/game/outwars

However, the wrapper that they use for DirectDraw/Direct3D is... well, crap to say the least. It doesn't handle Indeo Video whatsoever, so you don't get cinematics in-game or in the menus, and there's a bunch of other issues. Using DDrawCompat fixes almost everything, but you're forced to 640x480, which is no bueno.

DGVoodoo2 would be my go-to, but it has problems with the mouse in the menu, and it also doesn't support Indeo. I tried GDI hooking, but it just kind of causes seizure flickering.

Is it possible that some things could be done to improve the situation?

EDIT: Submitted an issue here with more info: https://github.com/dege-diosg/dgVoodoo2/issues/70