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First of all, thanks a lot for all your brilliant work on dgVoodoo2, it makes life so much easier for so many of us.

Now, to the matter at hand: I am using dgVoodoo2 on EverQuest (Titanium, pretty old client, used on Project1999 servers – a shitload of players use dgVoodoo2 there) and it works like a charm, but there is just one limiting factor: minimum background FPS. The client automatically limits them to something unbearably low such as 5-10, and unfortunately the game was coded in such a way that having low FPS can get your character killed in many scenarii (auto-following another player, levitating, running to escape mobs, and so on), and like in so many MMOs there is a good part of the game that you spend alt-tabbing to look up wikis and stuff.
There is a software that allows tweaking minimum background FPS by injecting some directX-related dll, but said software is a no go for me (free version introduces many limits, and paid version is unreasonably expensive).

Is there any way to force the client to have minimum FPS through dgVoodoo2?

Thanks in advance for any answer you'll see fit to offer me!

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The "background" fps probably has no relation to ddraw/d3d...
(unless it triggers from a surface lost code).

Assuming the current fix isn't patching the game directly,
usually one would hook various messages and functions (WM_ACTIVATEAPP, IsIconic(), GetFocus(), DirectInput???, etc.).
The hooks would trick the game into thinking that it is in the "foreground".

DxWnd might do something along those lines.

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Yes, as aqrit says, the FPS is probably controlled by the game itself, dgVoodoo cannot increase it (only the reverse, capping at a max FPS can be done).
All it can do is not reporting "background state" through DDraw (lost surfaces) if you disable option 'Disable Alt-Enter to toggle screen state', but if the game monitors its state by other standard Win32 functions/messages then it won't be enough and patching the game is the way to go.