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pictures -> dosbox.conf lister
same question here
it would be better if the file was called dgvoodoo.ini
as .conf is a linux thing
making it .ini automatically opens it in lister and notepad with extra enhancements for .ini files (mostly menu)
.conf is opened as a plain .txt file in both aplications (and I guess all other windows file editors)
dgvoodoo unlike dosbox is a windows only thing

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yochenhsieh wrote on 2022-06-18, 10:19:

Just use notepad++ and choose INI file language.


I think his point was to use the "more standardized" configuration file extension.

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Yes, .conf was a bad choice on my part at the time. When I introduced the INI format then I should have renamed it but I didn't do that because the config file could still be read/written in binary format as well.
So, ok, .ini would be better, but what about the binary case? An .ini file that could possibly be a binary too?

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Is it possible to make it work like:
if a ini file exists, use ini for text only config.
Otherwise, use conf file anyway. (so binary format is still supported in conf.)

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i will describe it a bit more:
dgvoodoo.ini is provided in a .zip so dgvoodoocpl uses that one.
If we delete .ini then dgvoodoocpl will be looking for dgvoodoo.ini, doesn't find ini and will look for dgvoodoo.conf,
if cpl finds conf, cpl loads conf (doesn't matter if text or binary) and if cpl receives a save command, cpl saves as a dgvoodoo.ini text file.

That is very similar to how transformation from binary to text worked in the past in dgvoodoo.
In the past dgvoodoocpl was never writing a binary file (only reading it, and if asked to save, cpl was overwriting the binary file with a text).
If we started dgvoodoosetup that found a text in conf, it was simply loading the defaults, and if asked to save dgvsetup was overwriting text with a binary.