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There might even be different version releases of the Mystique Enhanced release comparing the foto of Nullsweat's Mystique Enhanced Version CD and one such CD shown on Mobygames:
https://www.mobygames.com/game/mechwarrior-2- … CoverId,303801/
The one on Mobygames has "English Language Version 1.1" printed on the CD while on Nullsweat's CD it just says "English Language Version".

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Not really, but each version tends to have it's own serial from whatever OEM released it. There's also a lot of v1.0 and 1.1 discs, it's hard to track them all down. I think there may well be over 100 of them.

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Not sure if any interest to anyone but I was swapping files between the PowerVR and ATI versions and somehow got MW2 to run at a lower than 512 resolution, I think, on my Rage 2. I’m guessing its 320x240. That or I’ve just forgotten what the Rage version looks like.