EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

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ozzmosis wrote on 2018-12-06, 09:10:
Responding to an old message here, but: […]
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Responding to an old message here, but:

NJRoadfan wrote:

-They change the partition type of the drive to prevent any other machines from accessing the contents of the drive. This used to not be a problem in the Windows 9x days as you could kick start a machine with an EZDrive or Ontrack equipped floppy, but its not possible with Windows NT based OSes. This eliminates the convenience of popping a CF card into a reader on a modern machine. Also in many cases, one might inadvertently format a drive with data on it thinking its blank.

I'll probably start a separate thread on this, but if my experience with Ontrack Disk Manager is any guide, it's not difficult to mount a CF card that has a drive overlay installed using any Linux PC and a CF card reader. (The same applies if using a modern large IDE drive and a USB adapter.)

The "mount" command for VFAT in Linux supports an offset, which in my case was 0xFC00 (64512), where the MS-DOS 5.0 boot sector is located.

So in Ubuntu, the full command to mount the CF card of my Compaq Portable II is:

sudo mount -t vfat -o offset=64512,noexec,rw,umask=0000 /dev/sdx /mnt

Where /dev/sdx is my card reader (/dev/sdd in my case).

Sorry for bumping this, but I had a lot of trouble trying to read an SD card that I formatted using Ontrack (with an SD to IDE adapter on a 486 with an old motherboard).
Thank you very much, this mount command finally did the trick!

However, my main OS is OSX, and mount in OSX does not seem to support the offset.
(mount -t should be "msdos" in OSX, and options offset and umask are unsupported)
Also, I have no idea how to achieve this in Win.

Does anyone have experience trying to read an SD/CF flash card with dynamic drive overlay stuff on it?
Thanks a lot!

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I would love a manual , because I am really stuck , seem to have skipped some steps....

I am trying to use a 4GB drive WD Caviar WD43AA on a old Toshiba T3100e ,
so WD utility seems ok with new drive in Toshiba.... WDTBLCHK sees it(even HDDID.exe) ,(as drv.1), and WDDIAG 2.60 runs great...
It Verifies Drive and I even Low formated , No errors found. Ez.exe Partitions it great (you can select fat16 or far32 1-4 partitions), even transfers files(Like Command.com) from Win95 boot disk or MS-DOS 6.22 Disk 1....
Problems is , it still get the error and not booting , maybe I need to do something additional step to this endevour.... problem is I an not quite sure what...
and what step I am skipping?!....

I cant find any EZ-Drive 9.06 Manual anywhere.... so I have to improvise as I am moving along....
When I do anything in EZ-Drive.EXE it wants to reboot the system , is there a /command to skip this?

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Sorry to bump this up, but I’ve been having a problem that makes zero actual sense. I’ve gotten to the point of having EZdrive set up and working, but it absolutely refuses to boot from floppy from the control menu, and MS DOS setup refuses to work if I try to set it up booting from the HDD.