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My setup (again xD):
Processor: Pentium 200MMX
Mobo: ASUS TX97 - XE
Graphic 2D: S3 Trio 64 V+ 4MB
Graphic 3D: Voodoo Graphics 4MB
Sound: SoundBlaster AWE64 CT4500

I've decided to leave both systems on different CF cards, 4GB for DOS6.22 and 10GB for win98 bit I have a problem with DOS mode in win98. How to install mouse, DVD and USB drivers in DOS mode in win98? All of those of course work in GUI and doesn't in DOS. For example, trying to get access to D:\ shows me that device is not available, I tried with msdc something but I have no idea how. DOS isn't my strong point. I count for help. 😀

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Do you know how to do it in DOS 6.22?

Then you know how to do it in the DOS mode of Win98. (hint: exactly the same way)

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