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My setup:
OS: Windows 2000
Mobo: ISN 6VXD7 gigabyte(?)
Processors: 2xP3 800MHz
Graphic Card: Ati Radeon 9600 256mb
Sound Card 1: Sound Blaster 5.1 Live! SB0100
Sound Card 2: Sound Blaster AWE64 CT4500
RAM: 3x512mb SDR

At last new configuration. 😀
How to run DOS games through it? Before I added AWE64, DOOM worked without sound so I added it, now hangs while loading in CMD window. Duke Nukem also doesn't play any sound and configurator doesn't detect AWE64. Should I remove one of sound cards? DOS on this config doesn't boot, win98 works but no chipset drivers, at least I didn't dig those in internet for win98SE.

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haker120 wrote:

Could anyone help with chipset drivers?

Go to http://download.viatech.com/en/support/driversSelect.jsp

and choose your OS and Hyperion Pro (4in1) .

You will never get native sound for DOS games under Windows 2000 , XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc . These OSes do not allow direct access to hardware such as sound cards . The best you can hope for is using a software layer, such as VDMSOUND, that emulates a sound blaster, for example, and maps its output to whatever sound card has drivers installed in Windows . A Windows 9x flavour (or Millennium Edition, if you must) would be better suited to running DOS games with sound .

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The AWE64 makes no sense in this case, as it is legacy hardware which can not be utilized by "DOS" on NT anyway. So keep the Live and install VDMSound. Note that you will not have much fun with that, as VDMSound will not run well on a 300 MHz P3 (is it a P3 anyway? They started at 400 MHz afaik).

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If you want to play dos games keep the AWE and duel boot into Win9x or even just DOS.
Do everything else in Win2k including your Win9x gaming, It's much more stable to start with and of course your 2nd CPU is recognised.

If you don't want to duel boot, as derSammler said the ISA sound only really desirable in actual DOS mode