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I'm trying to set this Sega Teradrive IBM PC (286 10Mhz, 2.5MB) with the best config/autoexec.bat lines to have access to the most free memory as possible while at the same time having EMS and XMS.

There is a tube video where a Japanese fella did that (see vid link below, memory optimization part starts around minute 1:48) does anyone knows what he used to get all of that memory (software)? Thanks for any replies!


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I talked to that guy about a year or two ago through YouTube's messaging service (now defunct, but I saved our correspondence) and he was using an ISA card to give him more EMS/XMS RAM. Before his hard drive died, he was using something similar to those LoTech EMS cards, then when the hard drive died he switched to a SCSI controller that had slots for RAM.

I also managed to buy his spare monitor when I was still living in Tokyo and got it fixed by a friend, it mostly works now but has a weak flyback - I'm getting back into IBM PC compatible stuff as of late and I'm planning on doing some major work to my TeraDrive (after fixing the dead PSU) so I'll probably make a thread at some point chronicling everything I do to it. Have you got any other plans for yours?

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